The electoral college archaic but worth

Bohemia, li: hillary clinton won the popular vote and still lost the election to donald trump the electoral college needs to be abolished it's archaic, disenfranchises entire populations of. The results of the 2016 presidential election prompted many americans to question the electoral college time to reform the electoral college an archaic system. What is already broken was just reduced to dust particles the electoral college is simply no longer relevant the shock that a candidate can win the popular vote by.

the electoral college archaic but worth The people elect the president, and the electoral college recedes into an archaic december ritual to formalize the real vote in november  it's worth remembering that in 2004, we nearly ended.

In 1967, a commission of the american bar association recommended that the electoral college system be scrapped, finding it to be archaic, undemocratic, complex, ambiguous and dangerous. The electoral college - i choose to agree with the electoral college i don't want a direct popular election because i want the smaller states to still have a voice, but, if america switches to direct popular election, the way things are, might just go worse. Read top 10 reasons it's time to abolish the electoral college there is no doubting the fact that the electoral college is archaic in both design and function.

Calls for scrapping the electoral college aren't new in 1969, the american bar association called it archaic, undemocratic, complex, ambiguous, and dangerous. In sunday's column i said it's time to neuter the electoral college, and urged more states to enact the national popular vote bill lightly populated state like wyoming is worth much more than. The electoral college revolt will fail but the rebellion is still worth it : are democrats wasting their time taking on the electoral college as donald trump's ina. Thus the electoral college was a kind of geographically distributed search committee the idea, i think, was that the house should represent the voters, the senate should represent the states, and the president should represent the nation as a whole.

Electoral college: system is undemocratic and archaic by the times-union, nevertheless, the real story from the past election is the abominable, archaic electoral college system many people. Popular vote and the electoral college by factcheckorg posted on november 7, 2016 | updated on december 23, 2016 two of the most popular stories on our website right now aren't about. Lawrence lessig: well, the electoral college is a group of electors, selected in the states, who will meet in the states on december 19th and cast their ballots for who they believe should be.

The electoral college gives us a larger voice that might get lost during a popular vote minority groups would also have a greater influence on the election, by increasing the participation and helping one candidate to win all of the electors in one particular state. Why does the united states use the electoral college and not a popular vote to decide the president - duration: 15:34 today i found out 389,833 views 15:34. In 1967, an american bar association commission, which recommended replacing the electoral college with a direct popular vote, strangely criticized the electoral vote system for being, among other.

  • Critics argue that the electoral college is inherently undemocratic and gives swing states disproportionate influence in electing the president and vice president proponents argue that the electoral college is an important, distinguishing feature of federalism in the united states and that it protects the rights of smaller states.
  • The electoral college is an archaic system that should be amended however, when dealing with small minds (as many of our politicians are) never underestimate the power of because that's the way we've always done it to prevail over logic.
  • The electoral college has rarely awarded the presidency to the popular vote runner-up in those rare instances when it may have done so, it has not reversed a clear result in 1824, for example.

The electoral college level as well if an elector votes for a third-party candidate, one might consider a wasted vote emphasizes federalism and depreciates. The electoral college is widely regarded as an anachronism, a nondemocratic method of selecting a president that ought to be superseded by declaring the candidate who receives the most popular. Electoral college should be reformed, not abolished everything that is undemocratic and archaic about the electoral college (devised to give disproportionate power to slave-holding states and.

the electoral college archaic but worth The people elect the president, and the electoral college recedes into an archaic december ritual to formalize the real vote in november  it's worth remembering that in 2004, we nearly ended.
The electoral college archaic but worth
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